Jackson Christepher Sage
Pianist Keyboardist Composer
    ViewPointOne Music Productions

Jackson Sage often describes his passion about music this way, “It's as if I was born to
be a musician. I live it. I breathe it.” With his new CD – (which fuses his exceptional skills
in jazz and gospel) near completion, Sage is set give the music industry an album that is
certain to attract a loyal following of music aficionados.  

A versatile musician with a multifaceted music and entertainment career, Sage is an
accomplished Keyboardist, pianist, composer and band leader. During a music career
that spans more than 20 years, he has been both a founder and a prominent member of
a number of professional groups and bands that have performed for live audiences
across the country.  

Influenced by George Duke, Herbie Hancock and Joe Sample -- which he describes as
“My mentors in absentia,” -- Sage has used his talents as a composer and arranger to
perform as a band member in a number of genres ranging from rhythm & blues, jazz,
pop, rock and gospel.  

Along the way during his lengthy career as a musician, he has been a member of Max
Groove's band as well as a member in bands that have opened for noted artists such as
Jeff Lobber and Kenny G.

Currently fulfilling his passion for gospel music, he is serving as a musician and part of
the Music Ministry for Christ Our Redeemer A.M.E. Church In Northwest,
Washington D.C.  As part of the band, Sage often performs instrumental music that he
has composed and arranged. His new album, which is anticipated to be released this
year, will be a creative collection of instrumental gospel music with a jazz flavor.

The innovation of the upcoming CD is due primarily to Sage’s ability to fuse his
exceptional skills as a jazz Keyboardist with his years of serving in music ministry for
several churches in the Midwest and the Greater Washington, D.C. Area. This gifted
Keyboardist also draws on his experience as a musician in a variety of contemporary
genres to develop tracks that will demonstrate his vast range as an artist.

“Music from the Mind & Spirit to Smooth Gospel Jazz”

In 2007, Sage was the music director, composer and arranger of original music for the
stage play, “
The Light of Education,” which opened in January 2008. In addition to
bringing him back once again to pop and R & B, serving as music director for the live
production, gave audiences the opportunity to experience Sage’s innovative style in
arranging and composing.  

Prior to his current and most recent projects, Sage was a minister of music working with
noted artists in the genre of gospel music. Sage first forayed into the gospel music
arena during the late 1990s with the Greater Inspirational Church of God In Christ
Radio Choir under the direction of the late great
Dawna Ward,  the mother of gospel
Asaph A. Ward, in Kansas City, Missouri. His interest and
experience in the genre grew as he became a musician with part of the music ministry
and with several mega churches in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Missouri.

When Sage says that he was born to be a musician, that statement is not far from the
truth. At the tender age of 4, he began to learn piano at the knee of his grandfather, a
pianist who studied and performed classical and jazz music abroad. The time spent at
the keyboard with his granddad proved to be a life-altering experience for Sage.

Determined to use what he describes as, "A Gift from God," the Kansas City native
began performing professionally by age 17.  Shortly after turning professional, he and
his brother Joe, a drummer, formed the group "We the People." As the popularity of the
group rapidly grew, demand rose for it to perform in nightclubs and at private parties,
weddings, colleges, musicals and other entertainment venues. The brothers also formed
a group of musicians that played behind the group “The Essence of Love.”

Within a few years, Sage became a founding member of the hit group “Mass Transit,”
which marked a turning point in his musical career. The group constantly traveled the
country, all the while giving Sage the opportunity to further establish himself as a
musician and lay the foundation for his future as a versatile artist.

"Mass Transit was a major stepping stone in my musical journey," exclaims Sage of his
experience as a member of the prominent band. “It really marked the beginning of my
professional music career and helped me to solidify my creativity and skills as an artist.”

Later in his career, Sage used his experience as a Keyboardist, his musical education
and experience with computer technology to perform as a “one-man band show” that he
took on the road to the great delight of live audiences in a number of venues.

In addition, he served as the director of the vocalists group “Destiny” and a founding
member of the "Israel Benton Band."

To strengthen his formal knowledge of music, Sage studied at the University of Missouri
at Kansas City (UMKC) Conservatory of Music, where he concentrated on Jazz
Composition. He also studied at the Rodgers Foundation of Music in Independence,
Missouri, where he majored in electronic music and at Longview College, where he
continued is music studies.  

As Sage completes work on his CD project, that he describes as a life long work of
God's Gift, he continues to fulfill his calling of sharing his gift of music with the world

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Musical Career of Jackson Sage: A Snapshot Jazz, R&B and Pop Performer with Jazz
Recording Artist Norman Brown, Director of Destiny (Vocalists) Member, The Big Picture
(Adam’s Mark Hotel Circuit) Member, West Point Member, Force One-Man
Band/Performer (in connection with the Rodgers Foundation) Musician with Max Groove’
s Band Member, The Bottom Line Band Member with the Opening Act for Jeff Lobber
and Kenny G Member, Israel Benton Founding Member, Mass Transit Founding Member,
Essence of Love Founding Member, “We the People” Gospel and Music Ministry
Musician, Sheffield Family Life Center Musician, El Shaddai Sanctuary Choir Musician,
Greater Inspirational Church of God In Christ Radio Choir Musician, Waves of Glory
Church of God In Christ